Datapoint for Artsakh



With the ongoing displacement of Artsakh’s communities from their homeland, many bright individuals in IT, Computer Science, and Data Science have found themselves at a professional crossroads.

For those who have been impacted, DataPoint Armenia will begin offering resources and projects over the next few months to help in the transition and advancement of your career within the Armenian data-driven ecosystem. We are organizing virtual chats to offer our experience, knowledge, and answer any field-specific questions you may have.

Things you can discuss


  • How do I start a DS career in Armenia?

  • What educational institutions and programs offer DS curriculum in Armenia?

  • What are the top DS companies in Armenia?

  • How do I leverage IT and mathematics for Data Science?

  • What is the best way to find employment opportunities? 

  • What are the best online resources to learn Data Science?

  • What can DPA and its community offer you?

Who You Will Be Speaking To