By DataPoint Armenia

Launch your data science career!
Immerse yourself in a 10-week fully-funded program designed as a
dynamic and collaborative professional development experience. 



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Who are you…

You are the next generation of data scientists, flexible and fast-adapting, following the latest trends and equipped to build on your foundational knowledge independently like natural self-learners. With this program, you’ll learn a wide range of modern tools, accumulate tricks and tips for keeping up with the fast-changing DS field, and use modern analytical frameworks to solve relevant problems for the Armenian tech industry.


  • Experience with a programming language (desirably python)
  • Knowledge of basic/intermediate statistics
  • Knowledge of linear algebra
  • Knowledge of (multivariable) calculus
  • Intermediate English reading and comprehension skills
  • Persistence and motivation
Career Development Sessions
Access to
Office Hours
DPA's Network



Data Visualizations

Big Data: SQL + AWS

Big Data: PySpark

Python: Pandas

Statistics, Probability, Sampling

Shell, Vim, Github

Feature Engineering

Regression Models & Their Differences

Classification Models & Their Differences

Unsupervised Learning Models


What You get

Shape your foundational knowledge for the current data science industry!

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Github
  • AWS

Apply your skills to develop real-world solutions in the tech industry!

Apply your skills to build analytical solutions to a proposed problem with the guidance of our project lead. We are collaborating with CoinStats to provide a real-world dataset and allow for the complete data analysis pipeline – from the problem statement to execution and presentation. This gives you a qualified experience and connects you to the cutting edge of the Armenian tech industry.

Launch your Data Science career


  • Assemble your data science portfolio

  • Engage in job interview preparation

  • Get career guidance from our mentors

  • Get access to a professional network of data scientists

Spaceship Crew

Vahag Karayan

Co-Founder & CEO, BrandLens Inc.


Gary Vartanian

Data Science Manager, AppScience Labs

Weiwei Pan

Research Associate, Harvard University


Narbe Mardirossian

Head of Computational and Data Sciences,
Terray Therapeutics

Arman Zakaryan

Data Science Engineering Manager, ServiceTitan


Maga Khachatryan

CEO, MagAnalytics

Manana Hakobyan

Co-Founder & CEO, DataPoint Armenia


Arpine Keyan

DS Curriculum Developer, DataPoint Armenia

Lilit Petrosyan

Co-Founder & CGO, DataPoint Armenia


Michael Abassian

Co-Founder & Director of QA, DataPoint Armenia

Taline Mardirossian

Co-Founder & CPO, DataPoint Armenia


Armen Hovannisian

Co-Founder & COO, DataPoint Armenia


Hurry! The rocket is launching!



    The program comes with fully funded scholarships which you will be automatically considered once you submit your application. 
    DataPoint Armenia is grateful for all the contributors who made this program happen.  
          - After the application submission deadline we will contact you if you passed to the next stage. 
          - The application selection consists of two stages: the app, resume, and following interview.