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DataPoint Armenia First Meeting

On September 21, 2019 a group of enthusiastic students and professionals set out to foster a community with the common interest of advancing data science in Armenia.

What is DataPoint Armenia?

We are an initiative that strives to accelerate the development of data science in Armenia.

We envision Armenia as a powerhouse of global data science activities and advancements.
An Armenia that recognizes the importance and value of information, provides quality data science education, and intelligently uses data and computational tools for its development.

We are building bonds between Armenian data science communities worldwide to drive exchange of experience and knowledge. Cooperating with professionals and organizations in our Network we produce webinars, workshops, data science dictionary, and other useful resources to spread data science literacy. Additionally, we find, develop, and analyze Armenian datasets and apply our data-magic to fields such as healthcare, linguistics, economics, and business.

Our Network is a collection of driven individuals and wide-ranging resources which aims to engage and support professionals and enthusiasts in the field of data science. Through concentrating talent, information, and activity the network provides an environment where members can actively and effectively pursue their career and academic interests while driving the Armenian data science evolution.

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